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All of us at some time or another have looked around and wondered about the sky, the stars, the ocean, a butterfly or the sweet innocent smile of a baby. Each of these elements triggers a sense of bliss and awe and one cannot help but muse upon their subtle profundity. Many of us allow ourselves to become carried away by the mysterious beauty of these natural wonders and a few of us pause to find an explanation. Actually all species have this inherent quality to seek and acquire the source and cause of the mysteries of the universe.

The fact that we enjoy these mysteries reveals our close relationship with the cosmos. Our questions arise because there is something in us that is persistently curious and seeks awareness. I would call this the ‘inner self’. We have always been driven by our relationship with nature and guided by the force of our inner self. Whether we recognize this or not, we have a truer, more subtle and more divine part of us other than what we have seen of ourselves.

Through the experience of numerous species our consciousness has been shaped. Nature itself has done a wonderful job of transformation of a pea-brained dinosaur to a highly analytical and rational human being. The trend reveals that nature intends to transform a species into a supreme state of consciousness. The whole process of evolution is a means to de-materialise the notions of physical matter. It is a journey from a body-centric existence to a pure state of cognitive consciousness. We as human beings are standing at such point of the evolutionary process which is far advanced from the instinctive existence of animals, and very close to the ultimate purpose of creation. Deep within us we are very aware of this simple truth.

Now you may ask me in what way this profound truth reflects in the grind of your present and surface reality. In fact our present and surface reality is not far from the deepest truth. In this lifetime we have undergone the entire process of physical evolution inside the mother’s womb. We opened our eyes to light as a ‘complete’ baby human being. Since we do not contemplate about the nature of our spiritual past many of us have forgotten the whole evolutionary journey. It doesn’t take any more than a doctor to explain that you were an aquatic, amphibian and a quadruped mammal before you were born as a human baby. It takes no more than a good yogi to make you relive the experiences of all the evolutionary species. The very reason why you went to that yoga class was not because you were suffering from the side effects of modern lifestyle. The reality is  you have that eternal quest of seeking your true identity.