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Spirituality is the science religions pretend to teach. Over the passage of time, the ten commandments have multiplied into a million commandments. And each of these commandments has emerged as a convenient tool to manipulate, control, and threaten mankind. Thousands of paradoxical statements and philosophies have obscured the roadmap of human evolution. The birth and evolution of mankind cannot be a result of a random process. Every aspect of physical and mental development, however big or small, is exact and definite in nature. Over centuries great scientists have provided us explanations as to how things were created and developed. The reason why mankind is restless and desperate to know about the origin and the destination of the universe does not come from scientific chauvinism. There is in fact a very real and unquenchable desire at the bottom of each discovery mankind has achieved towards understanding its own state.

It is not possible for a human being not to ask the vital questions: “who am I?”, “where do I come from?”, “why did I come here?”, “what am I supposed to do?”, and “where am I supposed to go finally?” These questions are very real, and self-contradictory philosophical statements do not give us answers.

All the subjects that are known to mankind are basically trying to give the innermost justification of our existence. At the greatest depth of every subject we come to a chapter where we are forced to look beyond the objective reality and into a vast void where known science cannot take us any further. Spirituality is the final chapter of every subject. This is that subject which bridges the gap between objective reality and the divine. Without the science of spirituality it is not possible to comprehend the subtle entity of the universe. But spirituality as a subject cannot be approached without a considerable understanding of modern science. Any approach without the definite structure of a science is merely a religion. No matter how convincing it may sound, a subject without conforming to scientific wisdom and structure cannot lead one to the realization of the absolute. Every ritual and practice of every religion can be tested on the anvil of science, and we can easily find out how much truth they contain. It is not correct to accept certain rituals as mystical or unexplainable practices. Science is not mystical. Nothing happens in the universe without a definite cause and effect relationship. And there is nothing mystical about something that is scientific. It can be dangerous to practise or promote any ‘ancient mystical practices’ without the understanding of the science behind it.

Spirituality is the science of evolution of the human spirit. It does explain the subtle relationship of human beings with all other elements and species. This is the only branch of knowledge that purports to explain and achieve human development until the final stages of evolution. Hence it needs a careful, definite scientific approach.

There have been several spiritual sciences developed by mankind in the past. Most of the ancient practices have become obsolete because of nonconformity with the evolving scientific wisdom. A few of them have stood the test of time. And these practices have been successful to give us guidance and direction faultlessly over thousands of years. The curriculum and explanation of each of the subjects form the basis of spirituality. The latest and the most advanced spiritual technology available to us is Yoga. Yoga, being the latest and most advanced spiritual science, does not render other sciences as useless. Subjects like Vedanta, Sankhya, or Tantra have high scientific truth and within scientific framework, can be practised successfully. Each of these spiritual sciences has ingredients of actual practice. Many of the modern-day teachers have presented these subjects in theoretical or philosophical format, which is a shame. It is necessary to embark upon a practice-oriented subject to achieve spiritual development. Theoretical, philosophical or intellectual masturbation of these subjects never provides actual spiritual development.

Every seeker of spiritual truth must follow a clear and comprehensive roadmap of spirituality and must insist upon the practice aspects over philosophical euphoria.