Venue: Yoga Village UK

The centre is located within the wild beauty of the West Penwith Peninsula, at the most southwesterly tip of Cornwall, England. Leading inland from the rolling waves of Penzance, a short picturesque drive brings you to Sancreed. This quaint village nestles between the endless expanse of lush meadows on one side and the majestic coastline on the other. The surrounding coastline is accessible by car, 15 minutes in all directions, or on foot through an area of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’. The most striking aspect of this location is the unending greenery, the silence, the sea breeze and the daffodils.

The centre is carved out of an ancient granite 15th century farmhouse. Today it stands as an architecturally renovated, modern facility to host students. Accommodation is warm and inviting with individual; twin bedrooms, and a spacious dormitory; within the beautifully converted farmhouse and barn; further private wooden cabins sheltered by douglas firs are located outside in eight thousand square metres of lush greenery and garden. A sweet-water stream from the resident spring can be heard as it meanders through the extensive grounds, into the widespread copse area. Clean, modern bathrooms, showers and other amenities are found within the farmhouse.

At the heart of the centre is the large kitchen for the preparation of food, cooked to exact Ayurvedic specifications: ideal support for the practising student. The kitchen opens onto the spacious and stunning lounge-area, with its open log burner and view onto the wrap-around patio outside. Here, adjacent to the flowing stream, one senses they are living within the lap of nature itself.

An extensive reference library for students lies near the warmth of the kitchen; stocked with scriptures and all related reading to the Yoga Sutras and to aspects of practice.

Keeping in view the traditional principles of Vastu; the living areas, kitchen and the practice areas are well placed. In the northeast region of the centre is a spacious sixty metre squared, maple floored yoga studio, which is imbued with the correct charge and provides the exact requirement for those seeking to continue their individual asana and contemplative practices.

The centre and its courses are designed to give the experience of a traditional place of learning, where students can enjoy a serene, intellectual atmosphere. The centre will not only function as a retreat venue; it will also be a base for sincere students to come and stay, to continue their practices outside of retreat times.