Sivananda Buried Yoga

The never-before-told reality of yoga
By yogi manmoyanand

sbyMr Sivanand kicked me out of the yoga class because I insisted on knowing the finer aspects of yoga like: why the lotus pose is so called, or what the Surya Namaskar has to do with the Sun. The more I resisted the meaningless practices offered, the stronger became my quest to discover the hidden and seemingly unknown bridge that connects the practice of yoga to its spiritual outcome.

The modern world is overflowing with yoga teachers who reduce yoga to a system of gymnastic fitness, compromising its true essence by completely distorting it to fit into the modern lifestyle. A plethora of mutated teachings are being delivered throughout the world, superficially designed to suit the mass market. Yoga is being re-cast as a ‘quick fix’ to health problems or as a fashionable new technique to achieve a honed physique. In the new-age market place, the genuine seeker’s uncompromising and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, or truth, has been put up for grabs and is left without credible answers.

This book describes how:

‘Asana’ is not merely a physical exercise; it is a complex matrix of psycho-physical-spiritual dynamics. The changes and modifications of the non-physical elements during an asana are permanent and irreversible in nature; hence a true asana, once accomplished, need not be repeated.

‘Pranayama’ is not merely an alternative method of breathing or ‘hyper-ventilation’; it is the modification of the function of prana or cosmic energy in the body. Pranayama is the yogic answer to the applied principles of the ‘theory of relativity’ that re-configures the space-time dynamics of human evolution.

‘Meditation’ is not merely an attempt to eliminate stressful thoughts and experience a temporary feeling of emptiness; it is the quantified and permanent transcendence into delta level psychic perception.

The microscopic study of the Yoga Sutras in the light of quantum physics and its correct application reveals a never-before-told reality of yoga. This book succinctly proves the principles of yoga with scientific precision through the direct experiences of a yogi. The union of science and spirituality is a natural one. Spirituality, bereft of rigorous reasoning and experiential application, can become a dirge of meaningless clichés. Science without spirituality is bland. This book is a seamless blend of science and spirituality that clarifies rather than distorts the truth of yoga.

As long as one struggles to use yoga to improve his life, he never finds yoga. It is only when one is prepared to use his life for the purpose of yoga that he discovers its stunning realities.

Most of us, at sometime or another, have attended a yoga class. But why yoga? Behind all the apparent reasons for choosing yoga, there is always a subtle and subconscious reason.

We have all, at sometime or another, looked around and wondered about the sky, the stars, the ocean, a butterfly or the sweet innocent smile of a baby. Each of these elements triggers a sense of awe and bliss, and one cannot help but muse upon their subtle profundity. Many of us allow ourselves to be carried away by the mysterious beauty of these natural wonders, yet few of us pause to find an explanation as to why this is.

Actually, all species have this inherent quality to seek and acquire the source and cause of the mysteries of the universe. The very fact that we enjoy these mysteries reveals our close relationship with the cosmos. Our questions arise because there is something in us that is persistently curious and seeks awareness. I would call this the ‘inner self’. We have always been driven by our relationship with nature and guided by the force of our inner self. Whether we recognise it or not, there is a truer, subtler and more divine part of ourselves other than what we have already seen and experienced.

Consciousness has been shaped through the experience of numerous species. Nature has done a wonderful job in transforming a pea-brained dinosaur into a highly analytical and rational human being. This trend reveals that nature intends to transform a species into a supreme state of consciousness. The whole process of evolution is a means to de-materialise the notions of physical matter. It is a journey from a body-centric existence to a pure state of cognitive consciousness. We, as human beings, are standing at such a point of the evolutionary process which is far in advance of the instinctive existence of animals and closer to the ultimate purpose of creation. Deep within ourselves, we are aware of this simple truth.

In this lifetime, we have undergone the entire process of physical evolution inside our mother’s womb. We opened our eyes to light as a ‘complete’ baby human being. However, since few contemplate the true nature of their spiritual past, most of us have forgotten the whole evolutionary journey. It does not take more than a doctor to explain that you were an aquatic, an amphibian and a quadruped mammal before you were born as a human baby, and it takes no less than a good yogi to help you re-live the experiences of all of evolution’s species. Yoga is a precise practice which fulfills that never-before-experienced truer, subtler part of ourselves.

Far from a gym to alleviate the side-effects of a modern lifestyle, yoga is a profoundly transforming experiential practice that reveals the otherwise hidden realities of the cosmos and the self.

If yoga is a discipline that genuinely offers a scientific dimension to age-old questions concerning the Reality and the true nature of the self, then why was it reduced to a system of physical fitness? This glaring discrepancy is becoming increasingly disturbing as we find ourselves in an ever more turbulent and alienating socio-political climate. At a time when spiritual answers are most needed, yoga schools have spawned a glut of teachers who are ill-prepared to teach and have a laughable understanding about what yoga actually is, Genuine seekers, inevitably, will find themselves trawling through a swamp of pseudo-spiritual books, classes and teachers who are either consciously or unconsciously contributing to the pitiful offerings that trade under yoga’s name. Millions are being cheated out of knowing the subtle and transforming truth of yoga.

After walking every single step on the path to spiritual realization, I was asked to carry forward the secret knowledge on behalf of the lineage. Upon stepping out of the ashram after seven years of rigorous sadhana, it was the biggest shock of my life to find that no one is willing to accept yoga in its pure form. In presenting this book I have only one intention – to find at least one person who is prepared to understand yoga.

“This book is like a Light. If you stand behind it, it will illuminate your path as far as you can see, but if you confront it, it will surely blind you.”

– Swami Achutanand


Chapter One: A Journey from Consciousness to Super-Consciousness
Searching for truth amongst the mutations and manifestations of religion and spirituality.

Chapter Two: The Last Line of Truth
Demystifying age-old beliefs and discovering the hidden bridge between the physical body and the spiritual self.

Chapter Three: Kriya of Macrocosmic Velocity
The practical application of the time-space principles in the human body.

Chapter Four: Yoga beyond Fitness
Explaining the A to Z and back to A of the evolutionary cycle.

Chapter Five: Spontaneous Meditation
At the threshold of silence all efforts cease to exist, and all desires culminate into only one.

Chapter Six: The Final Stages of Evolution
Complete transcendence into the highest realm of existence.

Chapter Seven: Crucifixion and Resurrection of Yoga
Our divine inheritance – yoga in the 21st Century spiritual marketplace.