Yoga Retreat: Cornwall, UK (Summer 2017)

When we look inside the mind of a modern seeker we confront the wonderful world of spiritual aspiration, plagued with the resentment and confusions of modern life. On one hand it constantly seeks answers. On the other, it is reluctant to give up long held beliefs. It dreams about following a path of light and serenity, at the same time, worried about losing social identity. Every spiritual aspirant faces an ever-growing mental conflict. When this inner conflict results in dispassion, they are considered ripe and suitable for spiritual practice. Most people experience some kind of resentment in life, but not everyone is ripe to follow a spiritual path. Spirituality is the final and ultimate path that one can take humanly, and the confusions of life could work both as a propellant and as an obstacle on this path. This is where the programmes of our yoga retreats could be useful.
The programmes and format of our retreats are framed to help identify true spiritual aspiration from a fanciful one. It aims at providing all the necessary help and support to the aspiring yogi, and, definitely not a place for a fitness fanatic. The ten days schedule is aimed at providing ample opportunity to find answers to perennial questions. It provides the instrument to self-reflect and introspect about one’s true identity and purpose of existence. The teachings provide scientific clarification to long-held beliefs and notions necessary for the modification and re-organisation of the aspirant’s current life. The retreat is basically a preparation to take a longer step towards spirituality.

In the retreats the participating students are taught the science of spirituality in the format of Yoga. Yoga is undoubtedly the most versatile method to teach spirituality. It provides the comprehensive ‘road map’ of the path of spirituality in scientific clarity and sensible explanation. Here at Yoga Village we intend to provide the most suitable space, environment and facilities to help the process of every student. It also provides an opportunity to taste a slice of rigorous yogic discipline, long hours of study and practice, and the turbulences of self-reflection the yogis undergo in the caves of the Himalayas.

The maximum capacity of each retreat is 10.


As we have pointed out earlier, we hold a retreat in order to find genuine students and teach them for life. It is possible to work with such an objective only when the groups are small and comprise of people with a genuine quest. In order to apply, please answer all the questions of the questionnaire honestly. Answer the question, “Why do you want to do yoga?” elaborately. Specify your requests in clear, unambiguous terms. Avoid vague answers and refrain from quoting references. Never forget to mention your date of birth.

Applications with vague, pink and fluffy answers will be summarily rejected. Since we take very careful study of your applications, you may not get an answer immediately. Sometimes it may take time to receive an answer. Those students who are chosen for participation are provided with the payment details to confirm their place on the retreat. We do not entertain requests for discounts in fees, part payments, etc.

We do not have a refund policy, since we have never had any requests for cancellations. However, we would send back one’s deposit if their place is taken by someone else.

Retreat dates
17th July (Monday) –
26 July (Wednesday), 2017

26th Aug. (Saturday) –
4th Sept. (Monday), 2017

The package includes:

    • Yoga and yogic guidance.
    • Discourses on Spirituality and Metaphysics.
    • Accommodation for 9 nights.
    • (Limited Single Supplement Rooms/Cabins
    • available for £125)
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Refreshments.

(Please bring your own yoga mats)

17:00 Check-in
20:00 Dinner
6:30 Wake Up
9:00 Breakfast
9:30 Orientation – Discussion on the purpose and discipline of the program and introduction to the practice.
11:00 Evaluation of individual practice capacity
13:30 Lunch
17:30 Preparation for physical practice
20:00 Dinner
DAY 3 to 8
6:00 Wake Up Sunrise Purification & Meditation
7:00 Yogasana Class
9:00 Breakfast
11:00 Study of Patanjali Yoga Sutras & other yogic scriptures.
– Discourse, explanation & techniques of practical application.
13:30 Lunch
Sunset purification & meditation
20:00 Dinner
6:00 Wake Up
6:30 Sunrise Purification & Meditation
7:00 Yogasana Class
9:00 Breakfast
11:00 Study of Patanjali Yoga Sutras & other yogic scriptures.
– Discourse, explanation & techniques of practical application.
13:30 Lunch
17:00 Conclusion of retreat programme
Sunset purification & meditation
20:00 Dinner
DAY 10
6:00 Wake Up
Sunrise Purification & Meditation
9:00 Breakfast
11:00 Check out

The Venue


The centre lies comfortably nestled within rolling fields, laced with flowering hedgerows, in the heart of the West Cornwall peninsula. The surrounding coastline can be accessed by car 10 minutes in all directions or on foot through an area classified as one of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

Yoga & Contemplation Practice Area

Today, a large maple floored yoga studio (60m square) provides the exact requirement for those seeking to continue their individual asana and contemplative practices. Located in the north-east region of the centre, the studio is imbued with the correct charge for such practices.


Accommodation is warm and inviting with individual and shared bedrooms within the architecturally converted traditional granite barn and stables. Further spacious private wooden cabins sheltered by douglas firs lie in the extensive garden. The centre has the capacity to accommodate up to 14 students.
Clean, modern bathrooms, showers and other such facilities are found within the farmhouse itself.


At the heart of the centre, lies the large kitchen for the preparation of food, cooked to strict Ayurvedic specifications; ideal support for the practising student. Every single meal is prepared on the basis of the Ayurvedic vata, pitta and kapha conditions of the day, time, month and season. The solar, lunar and other astrological conditions of the meal time are also taken into consideration before the preparation of all meals. Understanding the wisdom and profound nature behind the food is as tasteful as the food itself.


£975 (If booked & paid at least one month in advance of each retreat)