Residency: Malaga, Spain (2018)

22 September (Saturday) – 06 October (Saturday) 2018

Lecturers and workshops during residency

Effective communication skill on the basis of
Yamas, Niyamas and The Laws of Manu.

Lectures on Bhagvat Gita


For existing students only

We are pleased to present the revival of some of the most used facilities of Yoga Village in our new location. We are referring to the facility where students can visit, drop by, and stay within the serene atmosphere, in the presence of their teacher.
manmoyanand agrees to spend at least two weeks after each retreat at the centre. This time is specifically reserved for existing students. During this time, students can visit for extended periods of practice, under guidance, to report and update their current practices or simply, to meet with their teacher.
This centre is open to existing students for the purpose of a serene and contemplative holiday. Students following creative activities, like; writing and painting; are welcome to use this facility too.

The facilities of the centre are available to our students only for this two weeks this year.

Students need to inform us prior to their arrival, and do not need to book their accommodation in advance. However, those who want a confirmation of availability may opt for advance reservation by email.

The Residency is not open to non-students.

Daily Tariff: 85.00 GBP
75.00 GBP (Anytime outside the above specified dates)
(Includes accommodation and meals for one day per person)


All meals and teas are included.

Check in: 02:00 pm Check out: 11:00 am