Ayurveda Workshop (Summer 2017)

An intelligent dietary discipline is an integral part of every spiritual practice. From ancient times, sages and seers have provided dietary guidelines for practising students and seekers. Many scriptures have pointed out the importance of various food items and their effects on spiritual practice. The subject of Yoga too, involves specific instructions regarding the types and uses of food for the successful completion of the various yogic practices. Yogis, at different stages of practice, are trained to follow specific food disciplines until they learn to live only on air, sunshine, or prana. No spiritual practice is complete without the correct dietary discipline.

The six-day workshop is designed to provide the correct knowledge about food for spiritual development. During the four days, we aim to impart as much information and training as possible regarding the choice, preparation, and consumption of food on the basis of the ancient wisdoms.


Workshop dates

  1. Ayurveda workshop (Level-2)
    20th June (Tuesday) – 25th June (Sunday), 2017
    Cost : £540.00
  2. Ayurveda workshop (Level-2)
    11th July (Tuesday) – 16th July (Sunday), 2017
    Cost : £540.00
  3. Ayurveda workshop (Level-1)
    26th July (Wednesday) – 1st August (Tuesday), 2017
    Cost : £650.00

The package includes

The Study, Teachings & Practice
Use of All Kitchen Equipment & Ingredients
Accommodation for 6 nights (Limited Single Supplement Rooms/Cabins available for £125)
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Refreshments


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The workshop includes:

Investigation into ancient teachings regarding food
What is Yogic food?
Study of food and its spiritual effects
Study and experimentation of oriental spices
Medicinal value of food and spices
Compatible and incompatible food items
Determination of individual food regime
Menu preparation on the basis of Astrology
Practical kitchen training
Preparation of Ayurvedic food



The venue for the Ayurvedic Workshop is at our new centre in Cornwall, UK.

The address is:

TR20 8QX